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There are many paths that can lead to a career at US Housing Consultants. Michael Sweet’s involves a lawnmower and a family connection.

“Debbie Nickerson (US Housing Consultants’ staff accountant) is my mom. She had been working there for five years by this point,” Sweet says. “I would stop by the office every now and then and Dan Biron (Chief Account Executive at US Housing Consultants) and I developed a bond. He said he needed some help with reports and things like that.”

So Sweet took on an administrative position helping Biron with various tasks.

“I went where I was needed in the company and now I’m doing special project leads, taking care of big portfolios and large contracts,” he says. “I’m planning routes, mapping out inspections, reviewing and sending reports, and making sure everyone gets to where they need to go.”

The job itself is satisfying, the 10-year US Housing Consultants veteran says. What might even be better is the company culture and the knowledge your work plays a role in securing safe and affordable housing for people.

“You always feel supported here. You always feel appreciated. You get a call on your work anniversary and a card for your birthday,” Sweet says. “And we’re always doing something to help someone else. We’re working to help improve somebody’s life. I do that by making sure our inspectors get there on time and have the support they need.”

“I got lucky,” Sweet continues. “My mom was hired. I formed a bond with a few people here. I like to say my US Housing Consultants Career started in lawn care. I used to mow (company founder) Scott Precourt’s lawn. We’ve grown so much, and I love to see how much we’ve grown. It’s been a really great experience for me.”

Joe Miksch is the Public Relations and Marketing Manager for US Housing Consultants.