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Ensure Your Property’s HUD HAP Voucher is Always Correct

Not much is more important to your enterprise than an uninterrupted flow of HUD subsidy payments. To keep the money coming, you must stay in compliance with TRACS. Making an error when submitting your Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) (HUD Form 52670) can often result in a costly and time-consuming process to correct. Generally, the best way to maintain proper HUD TRACS compliance is to stay on top of monthly submissions and keep everything in compliance. Our expert team will ensure you are always up to date with HUD TRACS submissions.

Each month, we will:
• Resolve any TRACS Errors
• Submit Approved Special Claims Requests
• Reconcile Requested Subsidy Billing
• Resubmission of Vouchers, if needed.
• Correctly Submit Repayment Agreement Activity
• Ensure the property never falls below the required compliance percentage

US Housing Consultants Can Help with HUD HAP Voucher Processing

Let us remove the stress and uncertainty of HAP Processing. We will review your HAP Voucher monthly for accuracy and completeness before submitting it. Your Contract Administrator or HUD will get your voucher on time, every time. We will correct any TRACS Voucher MAT errors and ensure every property maintains the proper compliance rating. And finally, we reconcile the HUD TRACS submission to ensure everything is balanced. Special Claims HUD’s special claims process allows property owners to recoup regular operating losses and expenses.

However, unlike many other parts of HUD compliance, there is no specific requirement to fulfill this process. That means that owners may be leaving vital revenue on the table. Special claims can be submitted for vacancy losses and damaged and other financial losses.

We can help you keep up to date on special claim submissions.

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