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We’ll help you get your property in compliance and keep it that way.

About Our Services

Making Affordable Housing Better, Together

We are dedicated to assisting our clients to navigate the complex and ever-changing world of Affordable Housing compliance. Our team of professional consultants provides the most thorough assistance on HUD REAC and UPCS Inspections. As well as easy-to-understand advice on HUD and LIHTC resident file compliance, and Capital Needs Assessments for long-term planning and effective budgeting.

Our team of expert compliance and inspection consultants work with industry partners to build better compliance procedures. Better compliance starts by reaching beyond just the immediate issues — focusing on developing long-term procedures. Discover why many of the leading companies in the multifamily assisted housing industry have partnered with US Housing Consultants to make affordable housing better, together.


Pre-REAC Inspections

Our Pre-REAC Inspections will provide you with the best resource to best prepare for REAC Inspections and maintain proper everyday maintenance and readiness. Our inspectors are the best in the industry – we help you get your property more than ready, we help make it better.

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Tax Credit and HUD Compliance

The rules and regulations surrounding HUD, LIHTC, USDA/RD, and HOME are complex and always changing. Industry professionals need assistance staying up to date. Our file approval, on-site consulting services, and HAP Processing services will keep your properties in compliance.

Compliance Options

Capital Needs Assessments

Our Capital Needs Assessments provide a comprehensive breakdown of physical and financial needs. We provide easy to follow reporting that covers all of your short and long-term needs and creates a plan for the future.

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Seminars & Workshops

Compliance on REAC, HUD and Tax Credit (LIHTC) is complex and constantly changing. Our seminars and workshops on Multifamily HUD, Tax Credit, and REAC/NSPIRE will keep you up to date and prepared. We offer a national schedule of seminars, frequent webinars, and private training options.

Training Options


Join us for these latest upcoming seminars & webinars.

Webinar | 08.18.2020

A Full Day Workshop on New REAC Updates, HUD’s NSPIRE initiative, & Preparing for REAC Inspections (Available Live or by Livestream)

Webinar | 08.25.2020

Conquering Income & Rent Limits for Layered LIHTC Projects (LIHTC – combined with HUD, HOME and RD) –2 Hour Session

Webinar | 08.27.2020

The New Normal for Recertifications with Amanda Lee Gross | HOW COVID-19 HAS CHANGED INCOME CERTIFICATIONS FOR HUD, USDA/RD, AND LIHTC

Webinar | 09.1.2020

Fair Housing – Focus on Reasonable Accommodations Request For Assistance Animals (Webinar 9/1/20 – 1PM Eastern)

Webinar | 09.3.2020

Correcting Non-Compliance for Tax Credit (LIHTC) Projects

Webinar | 09.8.2020
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