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What is EIV?

Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) is a HUD online system that ensures that limited Federal resources are available to serve as many eligible families as possible. It does so by reducing the incidence of program errors and improving the integrity and accuracy of information. EIV is used to determine and verify resident information and income. Owners and PHAs employ EIV to determine rental subsidies and to help implement proactive measures to effectively mitigate risk and program waste, fraud, and abuse.

Need Help with a HUD EIV Coordinator?

EIV is a great tool to ensure program integrity, but navigating the security and reporting requirements can be challenging. Let US Housing Consultants act as your EIV Coordinator and help you face these challenges confidently. With US Housing Consultants as your property’s EIV Coordinator, we can provide a consistent and stable administrator for a property’s EIV Compliance. We will manage EIV users, policies, and procedures and help keep everything on an even keel. In short,
we can help lighten the load when it comes to HUD’s Enterprise Income Verification system.

US Housing Consultants can assist your EIV efforts in the following areas:
• New Property Takeover Setup
• New EIV User Onboarding and Security Training
• EIV System Access Monitoring & Re-Certifications
• Resolving EIV Discrepancies
• Assistance with EIV Repayment Agreements
• EIV Reports and Monitoring
We can help approve new and veteran staff in HUD Secure Systems and allow them
access to EIV data — including monitoring Rules of Behavior, Cybersecurity
Awareness, and property assignments.

Full-Service EIV Reports and Compliance
We can also run the required EIV reports for prospective and current tenants and monthly/quarterly reports. We will supply all reports to property staff to ensure availability for HUD audits. We can also help you learn the requirements for using EIV, including when reports must be run and how to address discrepancies.

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