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Discrimination in Housing Hurts Everyone

Learning about fair housing is essential for everyone working in multifamily rental housing. Discrimination of any kind is illegal, and learning how to recognize, avoid, and deal with the aftermath of a fair housing issue is vital. Even if the property makes a small mistake, there could be significant consequences. US Housing Consultants offers a self-paced fair housing training course with an integrated exam and certification. This course breaks down the history and requirements of fair housing. Every housing professional needs to know the score on fair housing.

What are Protected Classes?

In our fair housing training, we will break down what is included in the protected classes section of the Fair Housing Act. It’s vital to know what groups are protected and how you need to guarantee that your policies and operations center the interests
of those protected classes.

Section 504 and Fair Housing Design Act

Beyond the requirements to treat every applicant and resident fairly, fair housing also includes requirements that properties are designed for everyone. In our course, we will break down the design requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Additionally, we’ll review the requirements for HUD properties, known as Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, which clarifies what portions of a property need to be made accessible and barrier-free.

Fair Housing Isn’t Just Important - It’s the Law

No matter your role in housing management or real estate, getting fair housing right is a matter of law. It is not optional.

Fair Housing Isn’t A “One-Time” Training

Every year, interpretations of fair housing and how the fair housing law applies change with the ever-evolving landscape of rental housing. With expanding offerings in technology, the challenges of ensuring those new tools and advancements work within fair housing laws can be tricky. Online marketing and applications present great possibilities but require a keen eye to watch out for possible issues.

On-Demand Fair Housing Courses

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