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Pass Your Next REAC/NSPIRE Inspection with Flying

Our Pre-REAC Inspections give you the exact information you’ll need not just to pass
but to earn a great score.

REAC is now using NSPIRE. It’s more than a new checklist. For example, NSPIRE pays
particular attention to health and safety concerns UPCS or HQS. This shift will require
new thinking and habits, new education for landlords and residents, and new
inspection training. US Housing Consultants can do it all for you when we conduct
your pre-REAC inspection.

Are You Ready for NSPIRE?
NSPIRE is a paradigm shift in inspection expectations. Properties that performed well
in the past may now be at risk of failing scores or non-compliance. NSPIRE includes
new standards, requirements, processes, and, most importantly, new things to learn.

Why Have Us Conduct a Pre-REAC Inspection?

US Housing Consultants is the nation’s premier REAC consulting firm because we not only perform pre-REAC inspections we help you and your staff to understand how the Inspection process works. Our premier inspection consultants take their time and explain the process to you clearly. The information includes a review of the NSPIRE REAC scoring model and the what and the why of HUD rules. REAC Compliance is more than just knowing tricks to get through a single inspection.
US Housing Consultants’ team of Pre-REAC inspectors has a well-earned reputation of being the industry’s most thorough and detail-oriented inspectors. But they are more than just great inspectors. They also take the time to provide hands-on training during the inspection. They explain why something is an issue and the best ways to address it. Our experienced and professional representatives will deliver excellence in every inspection.

Pre-REAC Inspections can help you plan for acing your inspection and creating long- term solutions. You can use the Pre-REAC/NSPIRE score to prioritize what needs to be tackled first. Our Pre-REAC Inspection will set your staff on a path toward success without all the stress and anxiety that typically comes with preparing for REAC Inspections.

Never Fail a REAC Again

You can only afford to succeed a REAC Inspection. Our Pre-Inspection service will show you precisely what you must do to prepare. Our in-house Inspection Consultants use the most up-to-date inspection protocol to perform their Pre-REAC Inspection of your property. Our Inspection Consultants are always current on REAC Inspection Requirements. If it has been several years since your last inspection, you may be preparing your property based on outdated inspection rules.

Instant Reporting – Including a Review with the Inspector

One of our trained and dedicated inspection consultants will send you the results of your Pre-REAC/NSPIRE Inspection as soon as they are done on-site. The reports include detailed notes, photographs, and specific locations for each issue. Once you receive the report, they’ll review it with you. They will answer any questions about the reports, HUD’s regulations, and how to best prepare for upcoming inspections. The combination of our experience and expertise creates a level of quality that is unmatched in the industry. Many industry stakeholders rely on our reporting to provide insight into issues with their properties.

US Housing Consultants’ Pre-REAC Inspection services provide you with:


Pre-REAC/NSPIRE Reports along with Spot-on REAC Point Deduction Scores that provide details, notes, and instructions within minutes of the completion of our inspection of your property.


A photograph report that shows you the most serious or difficult-to-find items in a simple PDF and Excel report.

The Details

Detailed explanations of why a deficiency was recorded and the best practices for making practical corrections.

Experience Counts

Unparalleled experience and expertise in assessing worst-case scenarios and how to deal with them.

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