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Pre-REAC/NSPIRE Inspections

Our Pre-REAC/NSPIRE Inspection reports use our experience to provide the advice and insight that the nation’s best management companies, syndicators, law firms, and state agencies rely on. US Housing Consultants’ veteran team of inspection consultants provides more than a checklist of what needs to be done.

They perform thorough pre-NSPIRE inspections that leave no stone unturned and craft reports that include detailed notes, photos, and thoughtful, practical advice. Our inspection consultants also train property staff on what to look for, how to make effective repairs,
and how to prioritize repairs best.

Entryway Virtual Leasing and Certification

With our service – Entryway – you can turn the entire leasing and certification process over to our team of professionals. After your property staff fills out a simple online request form, we’ll reach out to the tenant or applicant with a text message and get them started on a process that starts with an online application and ends with a Zoom interview. We take it from there and enter everything into the property’s software. It’s the whole leasing and certification process, from beginning to end – just easier.

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HUD and LIHTC File Reviews and Approval

Our resident file approval service is designed to cover any LIHTC, HUD, RD, or Public Housing unit (including layered funding). We provide an easy file approval service that can be customized for any funding program. You can submit all your files or just the Move In’s or any combination you like through our online portal. Our staff provides an informed second set of eyes to ensure that certifications are accurate and that resident certifications are complete and accurate. Let us show you how our file review system can improve property compliance.

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REAC Appeals & Failed Inspection Assistance

Appeals on REAC Inspections can be the difference between passing and failing. They can also provide clarity to the one-size-fits-all REAC process. We work with owners and agents to create effective REAC appeals that work within frequently changing requirements.

Capital Needs Assessments

An assessment of a property’s capital needs looks for both physical and financial issues and provides insight into the cost requirements of current and long-term needs. Above all, we create capital needs assessments that are easy to read and help unlock the property’s full potential.

Training Seminars, Workshops, and Webinars

Staying in compliance with assisted housing programs is all about knowing the latest requirements. It is about understanding these requirements and best practices to meet them. Our training workshops and seminars will keep you informed of the newest updates and give you the tools to do your very best.

Brighter Future

Better Compliance, Better Housing, Brighter Future

Affordable Housing programs provide so much more than shelter. For millions of families, these programs provide a life with hope, stability, safety, and dignity. Staying in compliance with the requirements for these programs is not just red tape – it is about ensuring the long-term viability of assisted housing programs and It is about ensuring that families have a place to call home that is safe and well-maintained.

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