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Ready to Move Past HQS and Adopt NSPIRE?

Housing Quality Standards (HQS) have been used since 1979 for inspections on voucher programs. Unlike HQS, NSPIRE has a narrow focus on safety-related conditions and leaves deferred maintenance, normal wear and tear, and other routine
issues to be resolved between the landlord and tenant.

Updating Your Administrative Plan

The first step in implementing NSPIRE is to update the agency’s Admin Plan and spell out the procedures to perform NSPIRE inspections for voucher programs.

An agency’s administrative plan should spell out details on the following:
• If repairs can be verified without a re-inspection • Will the Exteriors and Common Areas be included in NSPIRE Inspections or not?
• How and when inspection results will be provided to Landlords
• How the agency will create uniformity and consistency with its inspection staff
US Housing Consultants can help PHAs update their Admin Plans to prepare for
NSPIRE and train their inspection staff to execute the changes expertly.

NSPIRE is More Than an Updated “HQS”

HUD’s NSPIRE standards are more than just HQS with different wording. NSPIRE is a change in direction for HUD. A change that says PHA inspections that could result in subsidy abatement should be serious and not about condition and appearance. Words like “Housekeeping” and “Dirty” should not be part of the inspection in any way.

Getting Landlords on Board with NSPIRE

US Housing Consultants is working with PHAs to create new tools and resources to explain NSPIRE and how it will change the relationship between the agency and the landlord. By changing HQS to NSPIRE, inspections should be about those things that are within the landlord’s control and not just tenant damage.

Changing the Paradigm on Landlord Relationships

One of the most significant challenges with the Housing Choice Voucher program is persuading landlords to participate willingly. Chief among landlord complaints – inconsistent Inspections. Fair or not, the reputation of the voucher program inspections is that they are unfair, frustrating, and time-consuming. NSPIRE standards include a dramatic shift in what is included in inspections, and these new changes provide an opportunity to redefine the approach to landlord relationships.

NSPIRE’s focus on safety removes minor wear and tear from the voucher inspection process, making it more objective and easier to understand. NSPIRE’s primary focus is on conditions that the landlord controls – such as the operation of major systems, proper installation of electrical components, and fire safety standards. With this new level of objectivity, landlords can be encouraged to prepare for inspections and ultimately be rewarded for their efforts with a passing inspection.

We have created new tools for PHAs, including:


Videos explaining the new standards

Print Materials

Print material to be distributed to landlords before inspections so they understand


Hosted meetings with landlords to answer questions about NSPIRE.


Customized NSPIRE manuals for distribution to landlord partners.

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