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NSPIRE's Transparent and Objective Standards

HQS Inspection protocols have been used in voucher programs since the 1970s – so change isn’t easy. But it doesn’t have to be painful, either. NSPIRE includes a new set of physical standards – and much more. Using NSPIRE standards, inspectors will be able to see the difference between true deficiencies and normal wear and tear issues.

The NSPIRE updates should include uniform rules for how the agency performs inspections. When it comes to inspection procedures – transparency creates consistency, and consistency creates trust in the process.

Learn all about the NSPIRE standards for Vouchers.

With NSPIRE for vouchers, the inspectable area (Inside, outside, units) used by REAC are less relevant because voucher inspections are pass or fail and focus on the conditions and the results. So, our NSPIRE Specialist course focuses on the rules for each standard inspection item.

You will learn all about NSPIRE policies and procedures, and be presented with an in-depth analysis of each NSPIRE standard. We will give you detailed examples of NSPIRE deficiencies and describe the requirements for each component inspected under NSPIRE step-by-step.

One NSPIRE Training for All Housing Programs

Since NSPIRE is a universal inspection protocol – our NSPIRE Specialist Course explains the standards for all industry stakeholders – property managers, investors, compliance analysts, and voucher program inspectors. Anyone wanting to learn the new standards can attend any of our NSPIRE courses – in-person, online, or via our self-paced courses.

Become an NSPIRE Specialist for Vouchers

NSPIRE isn’t easy, but it’s not rocket science, either. With our NSPIRE Specialist Course, you can prepare for the future of inspections today. Let US Housing Consultants teach the new standards and how to apply them to your voucher program.
Soon enough, you’ll forget that you ever knew HQS and will be able to apply NSPIRE expertly.

Want to Learn More About Implementing Policies for NSPIRE Standards on Voucher Programs? We Can Help

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