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LIHTC File Audits and Pre-MOR Reviews

US Housing Consultants can provide experienced compliance analysts for onsite file audits, HUD, and Tax Credit Reviews. We can review all or a portion of your resident files to find any non-compliance issues and then develop a plan to correct any errors. Our reports break down the issues for each unit and give you specific steps to resolve

Compliance Help When You Need It

Whether you are responding to HUD and Tax Credit Reviews or doing due diligence after taking over a new property, our compliance analysts can help you get back on track. We work with property owners to help them catch up on late recertifications, identify areas of concern, and provide hands-on training with staff to create better practices. We can also assist with the on-boarding of new property staff. Most importantly, we will work with your staff to prepare your entire enterprise for the future.

Preparing for a MOR or Audit?

Whether you have just taken over a troubled property, have existing non-compliance issues, or are preparing for an HFA Audit or HUD MOR, we can review for you that will give you a worst-case scenario view of your property’s compliance issues and develop a plan to correct any issues present in your resident files and policies and procedures.

Property Lease Up Help
Compliance standards at a new property can be challenging for new staff to understand, and making mistakes during the initial lease-up means getting a property off to a bad start. Our team of compliance experts can help collect documentation, perform tenant interviews, create needed compliance reports and documentation, or do anything else you need to ensure a perfect property rent-up. Properties can also get our expert assistance with Entryway – a virtual leasing service with an online application and support over Zoom.

Hands-on Training for Property Staff
Sometimes, staff at multifamily properties need hands-on help. One of our expert HUD consultants can work with your team to help develop better skills, insight, and processes. Whether you have new staff to onboard or your property fails to meet expectations – we can provide individualized assistance.

Facing complex property issues?

In affordable housing, Compliance issues can be daunting. Let US Housing Consultants be your Compliance partner. We want to lend you our expertise and support. Let us show you how.

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