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Is Your HCV Department Running Optimally?

While SEMAP is fundamentally about measuring critical metrics for a PHA’s HCV department, in the end, it’s about ensuring that vouchers are handled correctly and families are housed properly. HUD provides only minimal guidance on how the PHAs run their HCV departments. Ultimately, the Section 8 Management Assessment Program (SEMAP) provides fundamental performance indicators that define good program performance. With these guidelines, HUD can let PHAs operate in a way that best serves their communities.

How Does SEMAP Change with NSPIRE and HOTMA?

As one of the foremost authorities on the new NSPIRE Standards, US Housing Consultants can help you prepare for applying them to HCV programs. Much of the work is done by establishing clear and concise policies and procedures in the agency’s Admin Plan regarding how voucher inspections are done and verified. Ensuring inspections are done uniformly and somewhat is one of the most essential roles a PHA has in implementing NSPIRE. Regarding HOTMA, there are several changes in how HCV participants’ eligibility and rent are determined. Getting these nuances correct is critical to good performance during the SEMAP process.

SEMAP Submissions to PIC

US Housing Consultants can help PHAs create their certification as well as provide annual assessments of their HCV programs. We’d be glad to help you review your voucher program operations and find new, more efficient ways to manage reporting to

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