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Custom Services for Public Housing and HCV Compliance

Public Housing Authorities are not one-size-fits-all. Each PHA represents a unique community with its concerns and goals. Our consulting services for PHAs are customizable to meet the demands of every PHA, from small and rural PHAs to larger
housing authorities. Whatever the location and the need, US Housing Consultants can assist PHA in meeting the challenges of compliance issues for public housing and HCV.

Policies That Reflect Who You Are

Unlike Multifamily HUD programs, Public Housing and Voucher programs allow PHAs to create their path forward by outlining how they will administer HUD’s general requirements. US Housing Consultants can assist PHAs with creating custom ACOPs and Admin Plans that meet HUD’s standards and allow the agency to create its path forward.

Accurate Rent Studies and Utility Allowance Studies
PHAs must create rent schedules and flat rents for public housing, annual utility allowances, and rent studies for voucher programs. We assist PHAs with creating effective rent schedules, studies, and energy utility analyses. Make sure rents and utility allowances are always correct.

Physical Needs Assessments and Energy Audits

Physical Needs Assessments with Energy Audits are a vital part of creating effective. Capital fund plans and applying for additional funding for PHAs. Our PNAs are accurate and easy to read, and we can turn around the reports quickly and efficiently.

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