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US Housing Consultants is an authorized distributor of the HCCP designation

The Housing Credit Certified Professional (HCCP) is a specialized designation for developers, property managers, asset managers, and others working in the affordable housing industry through the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program. US Housing Consultants is a designated distributor of HCCP Certification Exams, now available both in-person and online.

What are the Requirements for the HCCP?

• Successful completion of the HCCP Exam ($175 fee; $100 for retakes) or the
online live proctored HCCP Exam ($204 fee; $129 for retakes).
• Minimum of two years experience in the LIHTC industry by graduation. (Those
who fail to meet this requirement may consider themselves an HCCP-Candidate
until they reach two years of experience.)
• A total of 10 hours of LIHTC training
• Adherence to the HCCP Code of Ethics

How Does the HCCP Online Exam Work?
NAHB created the online HCCP exam in 2021, and US Housing Consultants distributes and oversees the exams.

How Does the Process Work For Online HCCP Exams?

Once you purchase the test, someone at US Housing Consultants will contact you
within 24 hours of your purchase with information about taking the test; this will include
a link, a unique code, and instructions for the test. We will also provide essential
support for anyone with questions about accessing NAHB’s online HCCP Exam.

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