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Professional NSPIRE Inspections, Service with Distinction

US Housing Consultants provides the highest quality inspections with the best long- term support. Our inspectors are in-house employees (we do not use subcontractors)who have received extensive training. They pass their training on you during every inspection, explaining issues as you go through the property together. Unlike our competitors, we do not pay our consultants by the unit. They take their time and do the job right every time. Rushing through NSPIRE Inspections creates incomplete results. Our inspection consultants always work quickly and efficiently, but never at the expense of quality or thoroughness.

Training on NSPIRE Standards

US Housing Consultants provides thorough and professional training on HUD REAC’s new NSPIRE standards. In our course, we break down what NSPIRE is and isn’t. Our NSPIRE Training workshop includes a high-level review of the NSPIRE Standards, Scoring, Policies, and Procedures. In clear and easy-to-understand language, we clarify what managers and maintenance need to know to succeed at REAC Inspections. Most importantly, we discuss the best way to understand the NSPIRE requirements and ensure properties always remain prepared. This course is more than just a maintenance course.

For example, we discuss regulatory requirements, online systems, and required reporting. Next, we teach practical methods for oversight and daily planning to ensure full compliance with REAC NSPIRE. Above all, we discuss what we can all do to create better living environments and reduce the stress of deferred maintenance.

NSPIRE Training Options

NSPIRE Inspections for Voucher Programs (HCV/PBV)

HUD has delayed the full implementation deadline for HCV, PBV, and Moderate Rehabilitation (Mod Rehab) programs until October 1, 2024, though they can use NSPIRE now if they feel ready. We suggest that Public Housing Authorities be prepared. US Housing Consultants is ready to deploy its experts to educate management and staff on this new inspection protocol. There are many changes that PHAs will need to undertake to transition from HQS to NSPIRE. These changes include updating Administrative Plans, training inspection staff, and educating participating landlords and residents.

NSPIRE is more than just a new checklist and requires many adjustments for those accustomed to HQS; its narrow focus on health and safety concerns eliminates many items cited under Housing Quality Standards (HQS). Under NSPIRE, PHAs should conduct compliance inspections that focus on the overall safety of a unit and leave normal wear and tear to the tenant and landlord. This shift will require changing your habits as well as new educational tools for landlords and residents and new inspection training.

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Pre-REAC/NSPIRE Inspections

Our Pre-REAC Inspections give you the exact information you’ll need not only to pass but also to earn a great score. REAC is now using NSPIRE, which is more than just a new checklist and requires many adjustments for those accustomed to UPCS or HQS. NSPIRE more narrowly focuses on health and safety concerns than previous inspection protocols.

This shift requires considerable adjustment to habits, new educational tools for landlords and residents, and new inspection training. US Housing Consultants can do that for you when we conduct your pre-REAC inspection.

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NSPIRE Inspections for Low-Income Housing Tax Credits

Success with NSPIRE Inspections requires extensive experience and a results-based approach. Our experience spans the last 20 years. We have inspected thousands of units for Housing Finance Authorities (HFAs) and investors, earning an industry-wide reputation for providing the most detailed reporting and thorough inspections.

Our Inspection experts perform NSPIRE Compliance Audits for HOME and LIHTC monitoring agencies in a thorough, fair, and extensively detailed manner, complete with notes and photographs.

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Confused or worried about the NSPIRE standards? We’ve reorganized the standards into an easy to read online resource library and free downloadable manual.

This manual is being offered at no cost by US Housing Consultants, but it may not be redistributed without the written consent of US Housing Consultants. It may not be copied without consent and attribution.

This manual has reworded some NSPIRE standards to conform with real estate industry standards.

It is also available in Spanish.


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