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Entryway: Your Virtual Leasing and Certification Service

Entryway brings modern technology to the world of affordable housing, improves customer support, and ensures you meet compliance standards. It’s a modern application for ensuring compliance with affordable housing programs combined with world-class virtual support for your residents. Entryway’s easy-to-use interface allows residents to enter their information step by step, save their progress, and return at their convenience. After the resident enters their information at their own pace, they can attend an interview at their convenience, not the property manager’s.

Rental Applications Online? Tell you more? Sure!

This is how it works. Management logs into our customer portal and submits a request. Then, the resident is notified by text message of the impending interview and application, which can be completed over Zoom with our friendly support staff if necessary.

Residents can now upload supporting material such as images, documents, and other information from any computer or mobile device. They can also create a digital signature on their computer or mobile device, which is applied to all required forms.

The Whole Application or Recertification Process – From A to Z

When the application is complete, residents can receive support and will be interviewed over Zoom to confirm their information is complete and accurate. All information is verified by US Housing Consultants expert compliance analysts and prepared for final certification. Then, the complete and verified information is entered into the property’s software platform.

Entryway Virtual Leasing App Also Offers:

  • Real-Time Support: Technology may only be for some. We have friendly and knowledgeable staff available for residents to help with this new process.
  • Dynamic Required Forms: Our application and interview checklist is dynamic —automatically adjusting required forms by funding program and state.
  • Not Just “Outsourcing”: Entryway is more than “outsourcing.” It creates new ways to ensure compliance, provide stellar customer support, and streamline outdated processes.

Whether you are looking for a new way to handle lease-ups or recertifications, Entryway is a door to improving a decades-old process and creating consistency and convenience in an often confusing process.

Request an Entryway demo today and get ready for what’s next.