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Develop the Knowledge and Expertise to Conquer the Challenges

The Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program has provided affordable, stable  housing for over 30 years. LIHTC has remained a great success because of the extensive compliance standards included in the regulations. These standards ensure that the property remains an excellent place to live and provide families with an affordable place they can call home. Ensuring families are eligible and the property remains compliant is complex and challenging. Learn to overcome obstacles with our two-day LIHTC seminar — Conquering Tax Credit Compliance.

Learn How to Conquer Tax Credit (LIHTC) Compliance

This engaging and interactive session uses examples and exercises to ensure attendees complete the course with a thorough understanding of LIHTC requirements. Our expert presenters use current, real-world examples with practical applications. We use brilliant, colorful manuals that organize the rules and regulations in a functional layout, making them easier to understand. In the end, attendees finish the session with a thorough understanding of how to determine household eligibility, maintain project compliance, and why it is so important to do so.

Everything You Need to Know About Tax Credit Compliance

Monitoring a project’s compliance is the part of LIHTC that is often the most difficult to understand. Our trainers review the rules around annual reporting requirements, income and asset requirements, and income and rent limits. They also teach the regulations regarding working with minimum set-asides and project allocation and how to handle deep targets and the most critical reporting requirements. And then there are the compliance standards for household eligibility, which can be vital to ensuring a property meets IRS standards.

• Calculation of earned income and income from assets and unearned income.
• Leasing Requirements & Student Eligibility
• Handling Project Set-Asides and Eligible Basis
• Calculating Rent Limits and Handling Utility Allowances
• Learn best practices for ensuring that you are always in compliance.

HOTMA and LIHTC Compliance

Conquering LIHTC Compliance seminars include the latest HOTMA requirements and how they affect LIHTC Compliance. With the onset of HOTMA changes, so many staples of Tax Credit Compliance are changing. Our LIHTC courses include what you must know to meet the challenges of LIHTC compliance, considering HOTMA updates.

The Housing Credit Certified Professional (HCCP) is a national designation for developers, property managers, and asset managers. Earning your HCCP sets you apart: It is the premier designation in the industry, and HCCP professionals are a
resource for owners and investors when they need a more thorough understanding of complex LIHTC regulations. Earning your HCCP gives others confidence in your ability to keep owners and managers in compliance. Most importantly, successful HCCPs understand how the LIHTC program provides safe, decent, and affordable rental housing for many American families.

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