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Our NSPIRE Specialist Course breaks down what NSPIRE is and isn’t and how it affects everyone – from the boardroom to the boiler room. Our NSPIRE Training workshop includes a high-level review of NSPIRE Standards, Scoring, Policies, and Procedures. We clearly explain what managers and maintenance need to know to succeed at REAC Inspections. Most importantly, we teach the best way to understand the NSPIRE requirements so that you understand why properties must always remain prepared.

Understanding the NSPIRE Standards, Scoring, and Procedures

This course is much more than just a maintenance course. We discuss regulatory requirements, online systems, and required reporting. We also instruct on effective oversight and daily planning methods to ensure full compliance with REAC NSPIRE.
Above all, we discuss what we can all do to create better living environments and how you can reduce the stress of deferred maintenance.

Serious Changes Require Serious Curriculum

NSPIRE’s requirements align with the International Building Code (IBC), International Code Council (ICC), UFAS/ADA Accessibility Requirements, and fire and life safety standards. The ACE Certification course addresses the basis for NSPIRE standards while sharing all requirements: We do not simply gloss over the bare minimum. The NSPIRE Specialist ACE Certification seminar provides a comprehensive understanding of all standards clearly and concisely.

NSPIRE Means Housing Compliance

NSPIRE standards refocus the inspection process on Health and Safety, essential Building Safety Codes, and Unit Conditions. These new physical inspection requirements are a new way of thinking that everyone from executives to property managers, professional inspectors, and maintenance professionals must know. Those accustomed to conducting HQS and UPCS Inspections need to understand the step-by-step requirements of what makes something a deficiency. They also need to know how to test components properly.

What Does the NSPIRE ACE Certification Course Include?

US Housing Consultants will explain NSPIRE standards and procedures (broken down by funding program), the score on the REAC scoring process, and an in-depth analysis of each NSPIRE deficiency. In this seven-hour course, we explain standards and deficiencies, show detailed examples, and describe the step-by-step requirements for each component to be inspected under NSPIRE. After the course, attendees can take an online exam to earn the ACE-NSPIRE Certification.

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