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Learn the NSPIRE Standards

Our NSPIRE Specialist Course prepares your path to NSPIRE-ACE (Accredited Compliance Expert) certification. Our expert educators first provide an overview of what differentiates NSPIRE from other inspection protocols, and then, together, we dive into the details. Such as:

• Inspectable areas
• Standards and Deficiencies
• REAC Inspection Scoring with NSPIRE
• Best Practices for Unit, Common Area, and Exterior Inspections
• Conducting pre-inspection and inspection preparations and procedures
• How NSPIRE puts a clear focus on ensuring the well-being and safety of residents

Learning the Foundational Building Codes

NSPIRE comports with the International Building Code (IBC), International Code Council (ICC), UFAS/ADA Accessibility Requirements, and fire and life safety standards. US Housing Consultants’ NSPIRE Specialist ACE Certification course
clarifies the new familiar and confusing.

So, How do I Become an ACE?

In our seven-hour course, we break down NSPIRE by funding program, dissect the REAC scoring process, and clarify each NSPIRE deficiency. You’ll master the material and crush the subsequent online exam to earn the ACE-NSPIRE Certification.
Congrats, ACE!

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Self-Paced NSPIRE Training Options

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