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It’s the relationships that matter most, says US Housing Consultants Senior Account Executive Greg DiGasper. That goes for within USHC and extends to every interaction with every client.

As Senior Account Executive, DiGasper is responsible for recruiting new clients, maintaining relationships with current ones, and troubleshooting any issue that emerges at any time.

“You become friends with your clients,” DiGasper says. “It gets to the point where they’re calling you ‘dude’ or ‘bro.’” You ask about each other’s kids, what’s going on with each other’s families.”

DiGasper has been with USHC since 2016. He has an extensive background as a senior surgical consultant, basically, teaching surgeons how to do surgery. He says he found the work gratifying … up to a point.

“Eventually I felt I was a number; a cog in the wheel,” he says.

Then, “A friend who was working in the (USHC) assessment department suggested I call up Scott (Precourt, US Housing Consultants founder and senior partner) and I said to him, ‘I hear you’re looking for an inspector.”

Obviously he got the job. “And almost immediately I felt like a connection was there,” he says. “I saw a new challenge in a new field.”

The most gratifying thing, DiGasper says, is when a client calls to say “Thank you for your help. We love the inspector you sent. Thank you for connecting us with them, the inspector taught us so much. And it wasn’t me doing it, but it was my team out there in the field solving problems.”

“I plan to retire with this company,” DiGasper concludes. “I’ve found a home. I’m just doing my job and feeling good about it.”

Joe Miksch is the Public Relations and Marketing Manager for US Housing Consultants.