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On February 28, HUD issued Notice H 2024–04 extending the deadline for PHA/MFH to have Tenant Selection Plans updated to include HOTMA provisions fromMarch 31, 2024, to May 31, 2024.

MFH Owners are still required to make the revised Tenant Selection Plan publicly available. And it’s important to note that MFH Owners must continue to follow their existing Tenant Selection Plans and EIV policies & procedures until the MFH Owner’s software is compliant with TRACS 203A.

Given this additional time to get Tenant Selection Plans updated, take advantage of this opportunity to benefit from our various HOTMA training programs, which will give you a leg up when the final compliance deadline comes.

Amanda Lee Gross has also scheduled a new webinar on March 28, 2024 specifically to provide guidance on updating Tenant Selection Plans to meet HOTMA guidelines, which includes HUD’s new guidance related to the Asset Limitation requirement, which must be addressed in the tenant selection plan for Section 8 Properties. 

Vice President of Training and Compliance Policy