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Civil Rights and The Fair Housing Act - A Webinar on Fair Housing Compliance Essentials 9/7/22

Join Amanda Gross for a comprehensive online Fair Housing webinar. During this webinar, Amanda will take you through the inception of the Fair Housing program and Civil Rights laws. From protected classes to prohibited acts, we’ll review everything about the Fair Housing requirements.

What are Prohibited Acts Under the Fair Housing Act?

The Civil Rights Act of 1968 prohibited many forms of housing discrimination. This included prohibiting refusing to rent or sell real estate to anyone on the basis of their race, color, religion, or national origin. Eventually, this group of persons became known as “protected classes”, and was expanded to include gender, familial status, and disabilities. The Fair Housing Act also included prohibitions on negative actions such as discriminatory management practices, such as refusing to make repairs or denying access to protected classes.

Prohibited acts include much more than refusing access to real estate purchase or rental. These prohibited acts can also include having policies that encourage or fail to prevent discrimination. This can come in the form of refusing to consider reasonable accommodations, or in how a property owner handles evictions.

Avoiding Prohibited Acts in Everyday Property Management

In reading the rules and prohibitions of the Fair Housing Act, it can often seem that it only applies to extreme actions. Many owners think this could never happen here, but discriminatory actions are not always overt – many times they are subtle. This is why Amanda doesn’t discuss these rules in an esoteric manner. She provides real-world examples of understanding when everyday actions violate the terms of the fair housing act and how to recognize those moments. Because, more often than not, housing managers don’t even know they are breaking the rules.

Staying In Compliance with the Fair Housing Requirements

In this webinar, Amanda Gross discusses the essentials of the Fair Housing Act. This includes:

  • The history of the Fair Housing Act and Civil Rights
  • What classes are protected and what actions are prohibited
  • Requirements for Reasonable Accommodations
  • Housing Design Requirements
What You’ll Take Away From This Webinar
  • Workshops will run from 1 PM to 4 PM Eastern Time
  • Each attendee will have a complete manual to download before the webinar
  • A Certificate with 3 Hours of CEUs for each day
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