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Busy schedules are a part of property management. Our on-demand webinars let you view previous live webinars on our schedule.

REAC and UPCS Compliance On-Demand Webinars

Understanding REAC Inspection and UPCS Inspection Protocols

In this six-hour webinar, Scott Precourt takes you through the UPCS Inspection protocols and the REAC inspection process. This includes a review of REAC scoring, scheduling rules, and how to understand what makes something a deficiency on a REAC Inspection. We take you through all of the UPCS deficiencies and explain what the standards are and how to conduct inspections effectively and achieve success on REAC Inspections without the stress.

$175 Per Person

UPCS Compliance Inspections for Low Income Housing Tax Credit and HOME Properties

How do you use HUD’s inspection protocol to monitor LIHTC and HOME Projects? Join Scott Precourt and Amanda Gross for a six-hour workshop to learn the best procedures for conducting UPCS Compliance Inspections for LIHTC Projects.

$125.00 Per Person

An Executive View of REAC Risk Management

REAC Challenges for Owners and Agents include many levels of non-compliance risks. Understanding the rules behind REAC inspections is vital to understand how to best manage the REAC Process before and after the inspection.

$49.00 Per Person

NSPIRE Self-Inspections: Unit Inspections That Drive Change

As part of the NSPIRE changes, owners are to conduct self-inspections that keep units inspection-ready every day. This webinar reviews policy, procedures, and best practices that will make your unit inspections truly make a difference.

$49.00 Per Person
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