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Training Seminars & Workshop Schedule

US Housing Consultants offers several different REAC, HUD, and LIHTC  training seminars. Join our expert trainers, Scott Precourt and Amanda Lee Gross, for classes that are relaxed, full of new information, complete with professional materials and professional training locations.

Conquering Tax Credit (LIHTC) Compliance with HCCP Exam

Amanda Gross presents a two-day Tax Credit Certification Seminar with an optional HCCP Exam on a third-day. Amanda will take you through all of the intricacies of the LIHTC program, how to work with the rules, regulations, and best practices. This course will show you everything you need to know about the Tax Credit (LIHTC) program in a relaxed and fun training experience.

Preparing for NSPIRE/REAC and REAC Rules and Updates

REAC Inspections are changing, moving to a new system that is more focused on units, health and safety, and quality of housing.  With all of the proposed rules, current changes, and new requirements in effect today, it is essential to understand what you need to do today to pass inspections and what you need to do to prepare for the future. Join us at our upcoming Preparing for NSPIRE and New REAC Rules workshops to bring your whole team up to speed on new expectations and rules.

Conquering Multifamily HUD Compliance with ACE Certification

HUD Compliance is often complicated and somewhat daunting. Amanda Lee Gross will take you through the complexities of the Multifamily HUD Section 8/PRAC requirements, including leasing, income and asset qualification, rent calculation requirements, and everything that you need to be an expert at Multifamily HUD Management. Join Amanda Gross to gain a deep understanding of HUD’s 4350.3 Handbook, and how to apply the rules through practical, real-world scenarios.


Join us for our latest upcoming events.

Webinar | 06.7.2023

Learn how to calculate and verify gig income , crypto and peer-to-peer payment apps.

Webinar | 06.22.2023

Learn how to ensure a successful lease-up of an Acq/Rehab Project while also meeting and maintaining compliance with the Average Income Test

Webinar | 07.6.2023

Learn the student eligibility requirements for the 4 major affordable housing programs and the treatment of student income.

Charlotte, NC | 07.11.2023

Learn about the future of REAC Inspections once NSPIRE is implemented in 2023. Information about NSPIRE standards, scoring, and procedures.

Webinar | 07.26.2023

Learn how to ensure compliance with both LIHTC and HOME regulations for AIT projects layered with HOME Funds.

Webinar | 08.3.2023

Learn the requirements related to the use of EIV, including when reports must be run and how to address discrepancies.

Webinar | 08.9.2023

In addition to reporting and deadlines, learn about the many Tax Credit (LIHTC) compliance issues related to year end.

Webinar | 09.13.2023

Learn about the most common errors made in determining household eligibility.

Westerville, OH | 09.19.2023

Tax Credit Certification​ Course on determining eligibility, from processing applications, income, assets, leasing, and student status

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