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Our NSPIRE Compliance Inspections for LIHTC and HOME Agencies are Thorough and Informative

On October 1, 2023, Low Income Housing Tax Credit Properties and all HUD CPD Programs (HOME, HTF, Supportive Housing, and other programs) will need to start using NSPIRE as the inspection protocol for monitoring.

US Housing Consultants has worked on developing a method of translating HUD REAC’s NSPIRE Standards into policies and procedures that can be used by Housing Finance Agencies and other monitoring agents. We can offer you:

  • Training for Monitoring Inspectors and Compliance Staff
  • Assistance with updating QAPs, Compliance Manuals, and Monitoring Programs
  • Training for Industry Stakeholders
  • Outsourced NSPIRE Compliance Audits for Housing Finance Authorities and other agencies

Get Ready for NSPIRE

Success with NSPIRE Inspections requires extensive experience and a results-based approach. Our experience spans the last twenty years. We have inspected thousands of units for Housing Finance Authorities (HFAs) and investors, earning an industry-wide reputation for providing the most detailed reporting and thorough inspections. Our Inspection experts perform NSPIRE Compliance Audits for HOME and LIHTC monitoring agencies thoroughly, fairly, and extensively detailed with notes and photographs.

NSPIRE Inspections That Train and Explain

US Housing Consultant’s NSPIRE Compliance Inspections for HOME, Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC), and Housing Trust Fund (HTF) Programs are designed to be results oriented. Before the compliance audit, we show property owners and sponsors exactly what the NSPIRE Inspection process entails and encourage them to prepare for our inspection. During the inspection, our NSPIRE Inspection consultants take the time to explain why issues are being cited and when the housing agency requires proof of repairs. Quite simply, while we provide the most comprehensive reporting available – we provide so much more by making sure that the deficiencies are understood and everyone knows what to do to resolve the issue and prevent similar issues in the future.

A Complete Report of a Property’s Non-Compliance Issues

Our reports provide a vital tool for effective compliance monitoring. Firstly, we break down every single issue with notes and photographs and show the exact location of the issue. Secondly, we show why the issue violates the UPCS protocol and how to identify similar issues.  Thirdly, our reports give you an exact guide to properly addressing the issues. Because above all, NSPIRE inspection reports are about making properties better.

Professional NSPIRE Inspections, Service with Distinction

US Housing Consultants provides the highest quality inspections with the best long-term support. All of our inspectors are in-house employees (we do not use sub-contractors) who have received extensive training. They pass their training on during every inspection, explaining as you go through the property. Unlike our competitors, we do not pay our consultants by the unit. They take their time and do the job right every time. Rushing through NSPIRE Inspections creates incomplete results. Our inspection consultants always work quickly and efficiently, but never at the expense of quality or thoroughness.

Our NSPIRE Compliance Audits Offer:

  • Fixed, Firm Pricing
  • Scheduling and Follow-up with Properties

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