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We’ll give you a hand with the technical stuff and you can focus on your core mission — helping provide housing for those who need it.

Let Us Make EIV Easier

EIV is a great tool to ensure program integrity, but it can be challenging trying to navigate the security and reporting requirements. Let US Housing Consultants act as your Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) Coordinator and help you face these challenges with confidence.

US Housing Consultants can assist your EIV efforts in the following areas:

  • New Property Takeover Setup
  • New EIV User Onboarding and Security Training
  • EIV Access Monitoring & Re-Certifications
  • Resolving EIV Discrepancies
  • EIV Reports and Monitoring

We can help approve new and existing staff in HUD Secure Systems and allow access to EIV data — including monitoring Rules of Behavior, Cybersecurity Awareness, and property assignments.

Full Service EIV Reports and Compliance

We can also run the required EIV reports for prospective and current tenants in addition to monthly/quarterly reports.

We will supply all reports to property staff to ensure availability for HUD audits. We can also help you learn the requirements related to using EIV, including when reports must be run and how to address discrepancies.

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