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Is Your Property Prepared for Your Next HUD MOR?

HUD’s Management and Occupancy Review (MOR) examines a property’s compliance with HUD requirements. HUD looks at everything — from repairs after your last REAC inspection to admissions policies and the household files that prove residents’ eligibility.

An Unsatisfactory or Below-average MOR can cause trouble for your property. In some cases, it can be devastating. Our Pre-MOR process helps identify high-risk areas to fix before your next MOR. First, we review a sample of the resident files onsite or remotely. Secondly, we review your policies and procedures to make sure policies such as tenant selection plans and EIV policies are up to date and accurate. Most importantly, our Pre-MOR Risk Assessment helps you get an understanding of your current levels of risk.

Our Pre-MOR Shows What to Expect

The best way to prepare for MOR is to run a property through what an actual HUD MOR covers. A thorough Management Review covers a deep dive into a property’s Policies and Procedures, resident file compliance, and the property’s physical condition. Our Pre-MOR will take you through the paces and show you where a property could be cited for not meeting HUD’s standards. We will take you through the HUD 9834 form for MOR and see how you would stand up.

HUD MOR Scores Explained

HUD updated MOR scoring rules in 2022 (80 FR 1860), with a rule first passed in 2015. The Rule and Notice apply to properties covered under project-based Section 8 Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) Contracts. This new rule creates risk tiers from Troubled to Not Troubled, with objective scoring mechanisms to create uniform reporting.

On-Site or Online – How Does It Work?

One of our compliance analysts can review your files and talk to your team online or at the property; it’s your choice. Before we start, we’ll have you provide details about the property so our analyst knows the requirements precisely before starting. Next, we’ll work closely with the property staff to review everything to prepare your property for

Our final Pre-MOR report will include:
• A report for each reviewed file that includes our findings and what you need to do to
address any open issues
• A summary of issues with resident files and policies and procedures

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