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HUD and Tax Credit On-Demand File Approval

Ensure Compliance on your HUD and Tax Credit Files

HUD and Tax Credit Compliance can be daunting, and the rules are always changing. We offer a convenient, modern File Pre-Approval for proper compliance. Our analysts are all trained and up to date on HUD, Tax Credits, Public Housing, USDA/RD, and HOME Compliance. In particular, we focus on understanding how these funding programs interact when combined. Above all, our analysts learn each property’s requirements.  Because what matters most is making sure each property meets its expectations.

Our one-of-a-kind on-demand file approval service allows you to submit files for approval through a secure online system.

  1. Clients upload resident files through a secure server website.
  2. The files are immediately placed in a queue for review.
  3. Our Compliance Analysts will review and provide a review response, typically within 24-48 hours.
  4. If the files are missing items or are incorrect, the client receives an electronic notification.
  5. Corrections are uploaded and reviewed, and cleared as they are received.

All documentation is permanently backed-up on an encrypted online portal you can access at any time.

Don’t Risk Expensive and Time-Consuming Non-Compliance Issues

The risk of non-compliance with affordable housing programs is particularly acute because issues can appear quickly. Firstly, property management is a busy profession. In addition to people coming in and out of your office all day, you have audits to prepare for and vacancies to fill.  Secondly, the rules are constantly changing; whether it’s new requirements for income verification like HOTMA, or additional state restrictions, there is always a new challenge.

There are so many ways compliance can go wrong. For example, how you phrase a question on an application can make the difference between eligible and ineligible. For the LIHTC program, the question “are you a student” is incomplete compared to the correct “are you a student, or have you been for any period of the current year?”. The slightest difference in the wording can make the difference between passing and failing a file audit or MOR.

You can use US Housing Consultants’ HUD and Tax Credit File Pre-Approval for any number of services and applications:

  • Move-In Approval
  • Review and Approve All Certifications
  • Periodic Quality Control Checks
  • Workouts of Non-Compliance Issues
  • New Project Rent-Ups

Dedicated Compliance Analysts For Each Property

Many clients say that other file approval companies often provide conflicting information in their reviews.  Knowing the state and local requirements is vital to keeping a property in compliance. So we assign our compliance analysts to individual states. This way, our analysts know the state expectations, not just the federal requirements.

Most importantly, each property has a primary contact. The dedicated analyst for the property will work with the property staff to keep the property in compliance and stay up to date on specific requirements. In other words, each property gets more than an analyst – they get a partner.

On-Demand Web-Based HUD and Tax Credit Compliance Reviews and Audits

US Housing Consultants was the first in the industry to develop a completely on-demand web-based system for file review and compliance monitoring. You can submit requests for file approval at any hour of the day and access files, and review comments from our team of compliance analysts. Our online compliance portal provides the following:

  • An Easy-to-Use Website Interface
  • Reporting on File Review and Property Compliance
  • Permanent Storage of resident files
  • All Data is Stored Using 256 Bit Shield Platform Encryption

LIHTC File Pre-Approvals

Ensure that every file completed for your residents is fully compliant before you file it away. It is an accepted best practice in the affordable housing industry to have an independent third-party review your resident files before they move in. Because checking every resident’s certification prevents expensive non-compliance before it ever starts.

For new Tax Credit properties, establishing initial eligibility is key to proper project compliance.  Before every family moves in, management professionals must review current income and, most importantly, properly predict future household income changes. Because if a family’s income rises exponentially in their first year, they could be ineligible at move-in. Get it right the first time and prevent costly issues.

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