Section 504 Transition Plan and UFAS Accessibility Services

Section 504 and UFAS Accessibility Guidelines

Ensure your property meets Section 504 and UFAS Accessibility guidelines

The standards of the Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards (UFAS), USDA’s Section 504 Rehabilitation Act, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines can be overwhelming to interpret. How do you know that you aren’t going to spend thousands of dollars in updates only to learn that your property still isn’t meeting the appropriate guidelines?

US Housing Consultants can conduct an inspection of the property and determine where you are not meeting the critical guidelines of these civil rights related compliance issues. Then we can help you to develop an effective and comprehensive Section 504/UFAS Transition Plan.

Our Section 504/UFAS Accessibility review will show you all of the issues that need to be addressed on the site, both within the designated units and all of the common areas that need to meet accessibility standards.

  • A Detailed Plan of all of the corrections that need to be made to meet Section 504 and UFAS Standards
  • A plan that meets the standards on a schedule that can meet your property's budget
  • A review of your units that are set-aside for residents requiring mobility impaired modifications

The codes for handicapped disability are outlined in the Americans with Disability Act and UFAS, and we create an easy to read guide to modifying your property to get your property up to all of the latest standards for mobility impaired design.  

Whether you are from an affordable housing property that needs to make modifications to meet HUD and/or LIHTC requirements for design, or if you are a conventional property owner looking to ensure that you are safe from liability in your common areas, US Housing Consultants can assist you with creating an actionable plan that can work within your budget and time frame.

Are you looking for a more in-depth assessment of your property that includes a Section 504 and UFAS Property Accessibility analysis? Visit our Property Condition Assessment page for more information about these services. We also offer a variety of inspection services for multifamily housing, from REAC inspections to Capital Needs Assessments. Call us for expert guidance: (877) 228-0003