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Guidebook to Affordable Housing Compliance

The US Housing online store is used for offering registration to trainings, purchasing of template documents or purchasing manuals, guidebooks and other resources

HUD and LIHTC Compliance Manuals and Field Guides

The rules and regulations surrounding the HUD, USDA/RD, HOME, REAC, Fair Housing are complex and the industry professionals need references to turn to provide them with the best tools to always remain in compliance.

UPCS/REAC Field Pocket Guide with Scoring Guide

This pocket-sized field guide for understanding the UPCS Inspection Code and REAC Inspection Protocol is a helpful guide for onsite management and maintenance staff looking to understand how to best manage physical compliance.

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Comprehensive UPCS Guidebook Version 16 (November 2020) with Photos

The Comprehensive UPCS and REAC Inspection Guidebook Verison 16 (November 2020) with Color Photos is the complete resource for all of the rules, regulations, and definitions of UPCS deficiencies. In this manual, there is an organized layout of all of the REAC requirements with easy-to-follow clarifications and photo references. The manual is 185 pages and is all color printed.

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Conquering Multifamily HUD Compliance

Amanda Lee Gross created a unique coursebook for Multifamily HUD Compliance. This manual takes you through the entire HUD 4350.3 in a format that is easy to understand, with color printed guides through leasing requirements, income and asset verification, and rent calculations – as well as the many other details which make the HUD compliance process so challenging.

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Conquering Tax Credit Compliance Coursebook

The Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program started in 1986 and has become a staple of affordable housing development. This coursebook covers all of the requirements for the LIHTC program, what you need to know about qualifying households and understanding the requirements of keeping the project in compliance. This coursebook is in full color and breaks down the requirements in a way that is easy to follow.

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Conquering USDA/RD Compliance

Conquering USDA/RD Compliance is the course material desiged by Amanda Lee Gross which will explain everything the 3560 Handbook, and break it down into easy to read and follow full color pages. This manual is a terrific reference for any housing professional looking to tackle the complex landscape of Multifamily USDA/RD Compliance.

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Conquering Multiple Funding Programs

Many developers rely upon working with multiple programs, such as HOME, LIHTC, USDA/RD, and Multifamily HUD. The requirements get complicated when each of the programs has different expectations. In this coursebook, each requirement is broken down and explained how it is expected to work for each funding program. This manual features an easy to follow color-coded guide to understand which funding program is being discussed. This is a must-have for any housing professional working with blended occupancy.

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