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Online Training Webinars FAQ's

If you are signed up to attend an upcoming webinar, you can find everything you need to know about accessing the webinar here. We utilize “Go to Webinar” for our webinar sessions; below you can find information about troubleshooting technical issues and resources to ensure that your computer is set up to work with Go to Webinar.

Whether you need help with technical access of webinars, downloading handouts, obtaining certificates of attendance, or anything else – we are here to assist. If you do not see the information listed below in the Frequently Asked Questions, then please contact us by filling the request form.

  • How do I access the online training?

    Twenty-four hours prior to the event, each attendee will be sent an email to the email address used when registering. This email will include a unique link to be used to log into the Training Platform.

    IMPORTANT! After clicking the link, the GoTo Opener “helper” app will launch in your default browser and ask your permission to install itself and the GoToWebinar software. Follow the browser prompts as instructed, or see step-by-step instructions for Windows and Mac.

  • What equipment do I need to participate in this training?

    Internet Connection
    You will need internet access. We recommend using an ethernet internet connection if you have a week or spotty WiFi signal.

    While GoToWebinar does have a mobile app, it is recommended to use a desktop or laptop computer in order to be able to participate in polls, ask questions, etc.

    You will also need computer speakers, a headset/headphones, or the ability to “dial-in” by using a cellphone or landline.

    If you want to be able to ask questions verbally, you will need a microphone that is either connected to your computer or headset with built-in Microphones. Attendees will also have the ability to ask questions by typing in any questions to a questions chat feature in the GoToWebinar Platform.

  • Are there system requirements I need to meet in order to participate?

    Yes, please check your system requirements prior to the event date, by clicking here: check system requirements.

  • When should I log on?

    Please log on at least 30 minutes prior to the start time in order to troubleshoot any connection issues, get checked in, and to download the course material.

  • When will I receive the training materials?

    Course materials will be made available on the GoToWebinar platform after logging in for the event.

  • How will you know if I stayed for the entire training?

    GoToWebinar tracks the login and logout times, and the percent of the time the GoToWebinar Viewer is the primary window on the attendee’s screen.

  • Can I have multiple registered team members in one office participating in the training using one computer?

    Yes, If multiple registered team members will be participating using one PC, make sure to let the moderator know this when you log in to the webinar so that each team member can be checked in.

  • What Internet browser should I use?

    We recommend using the Chrome internet browser.

  • Can I share my meeting link?

    No, meeting links are unique to each attendee. GoToWebinar will not allow more than one person to login under a unique link. Sharing your meeting link could result in not being able to access the webinar.

  • Can I change devices during the training?

    If you do need to change devices during the training, after logging out of one device you will need to wait ten minutes before logging back on.

  • Will I get a certificate of attendance?

    Yes, certificates of attendance will be issued within 2 business days after the conclusion of the course. Please note that the certificate will reflect the actual time that the training was attended.

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