Required REAC Documents

Having the appropriate documentation available at the start of your REAC Inspection may expedite the process:

  • Fire Alarms inspection reports within the last 12 months.
  • Sprinkler inspection reports within the last 12 months
  • If the property was built prior to 1979 – The inspector will pull 5 tenants files at random and look for the lead paint disclosure form that every tenant had to sign when they signed their lease, as well as the lead base paint inspection report.
  • If you have a backup generator – Maintenance/test log dating back 12 months without any dates missing.
  • Copy of your rent roll (NOT Alphabetical – Must be Numerical and separated by building)
  • Boiler certificates
  • Elevator certificates
  • If you have a call for aid pull cord system, is it monitored offsite? (If yes, then have an inspection report from within the last 12 months. If no, then don't worry about it – they will have to be tested.)
  • Make sure that your elevator room door is locked and labeled “Elevator Room”.
  • All keys to every room in the building, for all buildings (including any breaker panels that may be locked), will be needed.
  • A site map would be helpful but not required
  • Resident notification letter of inspection.
  • Site square footage measurements are broken down into two separate numbers:
    1. Parking lot/Driveways/Roadways
    2. Walkways/ Steps

(If you don't have the exact numbers, it is always better to overestimate than underestimate! If you don't come up with a number prior to the inspection, then the inspector will estimate him or herself and will usually lowball. Since it's based on percentages, it could be just enough for an L2 if 5% is damaged/cracked etc. on walkways, or an L2 if 10% is damaged/cracked etc on parking areas).

  • Listing of all bedbug units and legal/eviction units. (The inspector will no longer choose alternates for these units)
  • Make a Word document to include the following:

Owner Entity
Owner: Name (owner, president, board member)
Address, phone, fax, email

Management Agent
Name of Manager
Address, phone, fax, email

Site manager
Address, phone, fax, email

Any participants that will be present during the inspection
Address, phone, fax, email

Note: Select and indicate a primary contact that has access to HUD's secure network that can pull the reports.

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