REAC, HUD and Tax Credit Training Seminars

Stay in compliance with informative Tax Credit, HUD, USDA/RD, & REAC seminars

Managing HUD, Tax Credit, or USDA/RD properties is all about compliance. Whether it is about ensuring that your tenant income certifications are properly calculated or that your properties meet the most current physical compliance standards - staying up to date on the most current rules is vital. US Housing Consultants offers both certification courses and one-day workshops on REAC, HUD Section 8, LIHTC, and USDA regulations. Join us at one of our public seminars throughout the country, or schedule a private training for your staff.

Conquering Tax Credit Compliance

The Conquering Tax Credit Compliance Seminar and Workshop will show you to maintain proper compliance at all times at Tax Credit properties. From the time of the first applicant to Year 15 and beyond, staying in compliance at all times is vital to the viability of any property funded with Low Income Housing Tax Credits. Conquering Tax Credit compliance provides an in-depth explanation of all aspects of Tax Credit Compliance, including completing tenant income certifications, working with the next available unit rule and applicable fractions. The Conquering Tax Credit Compliance Certification Course offers the HCCP Exam.

REAC/UPCS Training Seminars

Our private REAC training seminars address all of the parts of compliance that are frequently missed by other similarly marketed learning products. Often, property managers get in the habit of judging a property’s needs based on what they believe they learned during their last inspection. The problem with this is that many inspectors can be inconsistent, and some are simply less knowledgeable than others. Therefore, it is vital not to base your guidelines for compliance off of previous inspections.

Our goal is to help you not only get your property in compliance but to keep it that way. We want you to understand the daily practices that will keep you in compliance. The incentive to get a good score on a REAC inspection goes beyond avoiding fines. A good score affects a property’s value while also leading to less frequent inspections. The knowledge we provide can help you develop a plan to be even better than the minimum standards.