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Learn all about the most common HUD, LIHTC, USDA/RD, and Public Housing Eligibility Determination Mistakes and How to Best Avoid Them.

Join Amanda Gross for a Webinar for a Discussion on the Top Five Eligibility Issues in Affordable Housing

We All Make Mistakes

Above all, in affordable housing compliance, the goal is to avoid errors that result in moving in ineligible households or rejecting eligible households.  A mistake can cost an owner of property funding, their reputation, or create legal jeopardies. We all know that mistakes are bound to happen, so the question is, how can you best prepare for identifying errors early and finding ways to learn from those mistakes.

Common Eligibility Errors

Our compliance team is responsible for reviewing and approving thousands of HUD, Tax Credit, USDA/RD, HOME, and Public Housing files each month. Throughout all of those funding programs, elderly or family properties, small and large buildings, from Hawaii to Maine, our team sees the same five errors, over and over.

HUD, Tax Credit, HOME, and USDA/RD Eligibility Issues

No matter what funding program you work with, determining initial eligibility is key to compliance. From income eligibility to student status and other key factors, small errors can have costly implications. During this 90-minute webinar, Amanda Lee Gross will review the top five eligibility errors when qualifying tenants for affordable housing. She will provide valuable guidance on how housing professionals can avoid making these errors and correcting these errors when they do occur.

August 11, 2022 – 1-2:30 PM
$99-$125 Per Person

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August 11, 2022 - 1-2:30 PM

At all of our compliance webinars, attendees will receive more just world-class training. You will also receive the best training materials in the industry and a lively and interactive training environment. This includes,

• A certificate of attendance
• A content-rich PDF manual
• Knowledge checks and polls, and an interactive presentation

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