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How to best understand proper air quality procedures for HVAC in Multifamily Housing during COVID-19

WEBINAR: The Dangers of Poor Air Quality During COVID-19 | 10/6/20 - 1 PM EDT

During COVID-19, air quality in our buildings has taken on a new sense of importance. It is all of a sudden critical that property managers and staff understand airflow and circulation in their buildings, and how poor ventilation can lead to dangers for vulnerable residents.

Air quality standards have existed for years, but have now taken on new significance. How can we better understand our responsibilities during this pandemic? Just what should we be doing to make the air safe for our residents and staff?

Is your HVAC System Optimized for COVID-19?

During this 90-minute webinar, our guest trainer and frequent collaborator Scott Ployer will discuss standard operation procedures of the updated American Standards for Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).

In healthcare facilities, most air distributions systems reduce direct or indirect contact transmission of pathogens. However, multifamily housing does not adhere to these guidelines, which leaves properties exposed to transmission risks.

An HVAC system’s impact on possible health risks will depend on source location, the strength of the source, distribution of the released aerosol, droplet size, air distribution, temperature, relative humidity, and filtration.

Scott Ployer will discuss best practices for evaluating your HVAC equipment and determining if it is operating in a manner to encourage safe air quality. Additionally, he will discuss ways to evaluate your HVAC systems and decide if they can be optimized to reduce the transmission of COVID-19.

How do you make a Healthy Environment for Residents and Property Staff?

As we look towards the change of seasons and the possible intersection of the usual cold and flu season with COVID-19, now is the time to get prepared. This webinar will cover the following topics:

  • What are effective strategies for evaluating and mitigating typical indoor air hazards such as moisture, infectious aerosol transmissions, mold, dust, dirt, and smoke?
  • What cleaning products to use to ensure proper air quality.
  • The possible transmission methods of COVID-19 through HVAC systems and how to reduce the risk

Who Needs to Know About the Importance of Safe Air Quality?

It is crucial for property management professionals from senior staff to property maintenance staff to understand the risks of poor air quality now even more than ever before. Taking the proper preventative steps ensures the best protection from liability and quality of living for property residents and staff alike. Everyone can benefit from learning the best possible safety practices shared in this informative webinar.

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