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Two-Hour Webinar Roundtable. Review the proposed NSPIRE Deficiencies and See Where You May Want to Provide Suggestions

Pre-Recorded WEBINAR: New NSPIRE Standards Outline - A Roundtable Discussion of the Proposed New Standards and How to Provide Feedback to HUD. (On-Demand Webinar)

HUD released an updated set of guidelines for the NSPIRE demonstration program, and they are looking for public feedback. Many of the changes amount to significant updates from UPCS, which is the current inspection protocol. Other issues are adjustments to the existing process, including a number of terrific improvements. However, in several cases, HUD has added new design and compliance requirements.

Right now there is an opportunity for the industry to provide constructive feedback to HUD on these changes. However, many of the changes can be a little difficult to understand how they might impact a property owner or manager. Changes such as adjustments to how call-for-aid systems are inspected could have a significant impact on owners. Additionally, there are new requirements on how and where smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors would need to be installed. Most of these changes align with HUD’s stated goal of aligning NSPIRE with a focus on safety, however, the impact on some owners could be significant as proposed.

The new NSPIRE Standards in Version 1.3 include:

  • New standards for testing of equipment using specific devices such as electrical testers, levels, and thermometers
  • Taking specific measurements of numerous new areas and components including doors, windows, hallways, sidewalks, and other grounds components
  • New standards on systems such as water heaters, HVAC and sprinklers
  • Additional requirements for GFCI/AFCI outlets, smoke detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors

Join us for this two-hour webinar where we will discuss all of the NSPIRE deficiencies and break them down into the issues that were slightly adjusted versus those which represent significant new requirements. On this webinar, Scott Precourt, Dan Biron, and Chuck Bogan of US Housing Consultants will lead a roundtable discussion to openly discuss and outline the new proposed requirements. We’ll untangle some of the technical languages and compare the changes to the current rules.

How will HUD NSPIRE Effect You?

NSPIRE represents a lot of good new changes. This new protocol removes capital planning issues like leaking thermal-pane windows and spalling brick in favor of an overall focus on safety. These changes are welcome as mitigation of these issues is often outside of many property’s budgets and immediate control. However, this new focus on safety does present some challenges. This is the time to provide your feedback to help shape the process. We’ll take you through the changes in a quick and informative discussion, and you can decide where you want to voice your opinion.

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