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Disabled Households Have a Right to Assistance and Support Animals. Property Professionals Have a Responsibility to Fair Housing

Reasonable Accommodation Requests for Assistance Animals

Animals often play critical roles in the lives of disabled persons. Assistance animals can be part of vital therapeutic activities and services. Most people are aware of the role of service animals, such as guide dogs. Still, there are other types of supportive animals that some people may be less familiar with – such as emotional support animals.

New HUD Guidance for Assistance Animals

In 2020, HUD published FHEO Notice 2020-01, which clarified the requirements for verification of reasonable accommodations. This notice added additional clarity on unique assistive animals and service animals who perform work or tasks and included best practices, presented in a series of questions, that housing providers may use to help ensure compliance with the Fair Housing Act. This new notice provides answers to questions not previously addressed. Most importantly, it provides guidance on verification requirements for assistance and support animals.

In this 90-minute webinar, Amanda Lee Gross will walk attendees through reasonable accommodation process and review the new HUD Guidance on Assistance Animals.  In this session, Amanda Lee Gross will answer questions such as:

  • Who is considered disabled under Fair Housing Law
  • Who can verify an individual’s disability, and when is verification permitted?
  • What is a reasonable accommodation?
  • Can a housing provider require specialized training for assistance animals?
  • Can a housing provider apply weight or breed limits on animals?
  • In what circumstances is it permissible to deny a specific assistance animal?

It’s the Law, and It’s the Right Thing To Do

Tenants have the right to assistance and service animals, and housing providers have the responsibility under the Fair Housing act to comply. Keeping up to date on the latest requirements for Fair Housing requirements is vital for every aspect of property management.

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