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How to best find and correct issues at Low Income Housing Tax Credit Properties

Identifying and Correcting Non-Compliance for Tax Credit (LIHTC) Projects

No matter how much we prepare, no matter how much we double and triple check our files, non-compliance will happen. Whether it’s an over-income household or damage to dwelling units, LIHTC audits are designed to uncover the mistakes that fall through the cracks.

How do housing professionals develop the necessary skills to help identify correct LIHTC non-compliance issues? Whether it’s reviewing tenant files or performing inspections to find physical issues, Amanda Gross will discuss best practices to keep non-compliance at bay.

What to Do if You Get an IRS Form 8823 of Noncompliance

What are the best ways to ensure that when you are cited for LIHTC non-compliance issues that you correct the issues quickly?  Most importantly, you want to ensure that you get the issues fixed right the first time, and have your corrections clearly identify how and when the issue was resolved.

Avoiding the Consequences of LIHTC Non-Compliance

In this webinar, Amanda Lee Gross will discuss the consequences of Tax Credit non-compliance and how to identify, correct, and prevent these issues when possible.

Topics include:

  • Minimum Set-Aside Violations.
  • Overcharging Rent.
  • Over-income households at move-in.
  • Late Recertifications.
  • UPCS/Physical Property Standard Violations.
  • Next Available Unit Rule and Vacant Rule Violations.

This 90-Minute webinar is a terrific resource for anyone working on tax credit (LIHTC) properties, from leasing agents, managers, and compliance auditors.

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At all of our compliance webinars, attendees will receive more just world-class training. You will also receive the best training materials in the industry and a lively and interactive training environment. This includes,

• A certificate of attendance
• A content-rich PDF manual
• Knowledge checks and polls, and an interactive presentation

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