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Using HUD's UPCS Inspection Protocol on HOME & Tax Credit Properties. Applying HUD's standards to Meet Tax Credit and HOME Requirements.

Effective UPCS Compliance Inspections for HOME & LIHTC Properties | Webinar with Scott Precourt and Amanda Gross

The IRS requires that Tax Credit monitoring agencies use the UPCS Inspection Protocol to monitor the physical standards of LIHTC and HOME properties. Using HUD’s inspection protocol for tax credit properties is more than just doing a REAC Inspection. There are subtle differences between doing a REAC Inspection and doing a UPCS Compliance inspection. In this one-day online course, we’ll cover what Tax Credit professionals need to know to perform effective compliance inspections.

The UPCS Inspection Protocol for LIHTC and HOME

As part of REAC Inspections, HUD dictates rules of behavior and conduct for their inspectors. Many of those rules are about handling issues with the REAC scoring process, but with LIHTC compliance inspections, scoring is not a consideration. The IRS provides instructions in the 8823 Audit Guide which states that LIHTC agencies are to use the UPCS Protocol, but do not have to apply the HUD operational rules.


Learn How to Perform UPCS Inspections

Scott Precourt has developed an online training workshop that takes you through the protocol and shows attendees how to understand the requirements and perform effective inspections.

Scott will be joined by Amanda Lee Gross to review the inspection requirements and how they fit with Tax Credit and HOME properties.

This is what we cover during this vital online workshop:

  • Learn how to properly categorize deficiencies
  • How to assign site-related issues to 8823s
  • How to specify UPCS Severity Standards
  • What are Life-Threatening 24-Hour Issues

On-Demand Training

Take the course over up to five days at your own pace.

$125.00 Per Person

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Agenda for Online LIHTC for UPCS Inspection Protocol Workshop

UPCS Inspection Training

Part 1: Understanding UPCS Inspections for LIHTC Properties

  1. 8823 Audit Guide Requirements
  2. UPCS Protocol Severity Standards
  3. Health & Safety Requirements

Part 2: Site and Exterior Inspections

  1. Issues on grounds and site areas
  2. Identifying Health & Safety Issues
  3. Inspecting Building Exteriors

Conducting Effective Physical Compliance Inspections

Part 3: Common Area and Systems

  1. What to look for on building systems
  2. Identifying severity on mechanical issues
  3. Inspecting common areas for issues

Part 4: Unit Inspections

  1. Identifying issues on fixtures and appliances in units
  2. Inspecting unit finishes (carpet, walls, etc)
  3. Inspecting vacant units
  4. Accessibility Inspections
View On-Demand

View On-Demand - $125 Per Person

View On-Demand
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