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Learn About HUD REAC Inspections and the UPCS Inspection Protocols

What housing professionals need to know about REAC Inspections to understand how to prepare for REAC every day.

Understanding REAC inspections is a six-hour on-demand webinar that takes you through the entire inspection protocol used by HUD.

This workshop reviews the fundamentals of REAC Inspections. For starters, the class includes a high-level overview of the UPCS Inspection protocol and REAC Scoring. Additionally, we’ll discuss the recently updated HUD Rules on inspection scheduling.  Most importantly, we’ll unpack the inspection protocols so you can understand what REAC Inspectors are trained to look for.

What Do REAC Inspectors Look For?

This online REAC workshop is a terrific resource for housing managers, maintenance, and executives. Understanding how to succeed on REAC Inspections without stress and anxiety is a key to good HUD compliance. Managers and maintenance staff do not need to become REAC Inspectors – they need to become housing professionals who know how to keep their properties ready for REAC every day.

The New REAC Rules Workshop focuses on demystifying the rules and getting everyone on the same page. This course is great for:

  • • Property Managers and Maintenance Staff
  • • Housing Professionals New to HUD Management
  • • Anyone Looking at Gaining a Better Understanding of REAC Requirements
  • Preparing for REAC with 14-day Inspection Notice

    How do you prepare your properties for REAC inspections with such a short notice? The new reality is that owners and agents can no longer wait until the last minute to prepare. Now, the rules require everyone to be inspection ready everyday.

    • Non-Industry Standard Repairs: Understand the requirements for non-industry repairs and how you can best ensure that all repairs meet these standards.
    • Comprehensive UPCS/REAC Deficiencies: We will review the UPCS Inspection Code and discuss the issues that are most common and typically carry the highest-scoring values.

    Online Understanding REAC Inspection Workshop

    Join our trainer, Scott Precourt, on a six-hour workshop and you will receive:

    • A Full UPCS Inspection Manual to follow along with.
    • You will have five days to view the training. You can pause, rewind, and take breaks throughout.
    • A Certificate of Completion for Registered Attendee

    $175.00 Per Person

    Need to pay by check or want to register for a group? Contact us to request more information.


    $175 Per Person
    Success Without the Stress. Learn How to Get Ready for REAC Every Day

    $175 Per Person -On-Demand Training

    At all of our compliance webinars, attendees will receive more than just world-class training. You will also receive the best training materials in the industry and a lively and interactive training environment. This includes,
    • A certificate of attendance
    • Five Days to View Pre-Recorded Webinar at Your Own Pace
    • A full UPCS Inspection Protocol manual

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