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Learn All About the UPCS Inspection Protocol and REAC Scoring and Rules in a Durable Handheld Manual

Get a Handheld Inspection Guidebook to Everything REAC Inspectors Look For and Sample Scoring Examples

HUD’s Uniform Physical Condition Standards (UPCS) inspection protocols are used on HUD REAC inspections and many other funding program compliance inspections.

Quick Reference REAC Guidebook

This pocket-sized field guide for understanding the UPCS Inspection Code and REAC Inspection Protocol is a helpful guide for onsite management and maintenance staff looking to understand how to manage physical compliance best.


Learn What REAC Inspectors Look For and How the Inspection is Scored

In the end, the question property Owners and Managers ask is, “What Do Inspectors Look for?”

With this guide, you will have access to a quick and easy guide to the deficiencies which make up HUD’s REAC Inspection Process. This pocket-sized guide also provides sample scoring to show how the scoring process works.


Buy Now $7.99 Each

New Durable, Water and Tear Resistant Design

Our comprehensive UPCS/REAC Field Guide features a new type of waterproof and tear-resistant paper that can withstand the day-to-day stresses of property management. The paper is water-resistant and tear-resistant – you can roll it up in your back pocket, drop it in a sink, and it will bounce right back.

Buy Now $7.99 Each
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