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How to Best Prepare for HUD Management and Occupancy Reviews (MORs)

WEBINAR: Preparing for HUD MORs with Amanda Gross.

HUD MORs are returning after being paused during COVID-19. So, when do start preparing for your next MOR now that they are resuming? Even in these challenging times, a MOR is only something to dread if you and your property are not prepared. As always, success on your next HUD MOR starts with good everyday procedures.

That is why it’s key to understand exactly what the expectations are on management reviews so that managers can stay in compliance at all times.

Preparing for Success on Management Reviews Everyday

Preparing for a HUD Management Review requires constant vigilance and a focus on understanding the item on the HUD 9834 Form. With the right procedures, you can prepare for success on your next MOR.

In this 90-Minute webinar, Amanda Lee Gross will focus on the Leasing and Occupancy areas included during a MOR. Many of the most common findings on a Management Review have issues with Leasing and Occupancy, from income and asset calculation issues, EIV Issues, and issues with proper documentation.

Common Findings and Issues on MORs

Amanda Lee Gross will cover the following topics:

  • MOR Steps and Categories with a focus on Category E on the HUD 9834 Form “Occupancy and Leasing.”
  • A Review of Resident File Checklist used by Contract Administrators (CA) when reviewing tenant files
  • Available documents that must be on hand during a MOR
  • Understanding MOR Ratings
  • Tips to prepare for a MOR
  • Common Findings noted in MORs
  • Responding to MORs

What Property Managers Need to Know About REAC Inspections and MORs

Scott Precourt, founder of US Housing Consultants, will finish up the webinar with a discussion of “What Property Managers Need to Know about REAC Inspections)

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