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Conquering Multifamily HUD Section 8 Compliance

Become a True HUD Compliance Expert

HUD Section 8 Compliance is complex and constantly changing. Keeping up with the changes and maintaining proper compliance is challenging and often frustrating. Our HUD Compliance course trains housing professionals to stay compliant at all times and become an expert in HUD Compliance.

Learning About HUD’s Multifamily Housing Programs

At the center of HUD’s Compliance Policies is household eligibility. During the Conquering HUD Compliance Seminar, you will learn about tenant selection plans, working with income and assets to determine eligibility, and calculating rent.  We’ll also cover:

  • Civil Rights and Nondiscrimination Requirements
  • Lease Requirements
  • Recertifications, Unit Transfers, and Interim Certifications
  • Gross Rent Charges
  • Termination of Assistance and Termination of Tenancy
  • Enterprise Income Verification System (EIV)

The Accredited Compliance Expert (ACE) Designation

The ACE Certification is a specialized designation for affordable housing management professionals working with HUD’s Section 8 Compliance programs.  Professionals holding this designation have a demonstrable and thorough understanding of determining household eligibility and rent for HUD’s Multifamily Housing programs.

Earning Your ACE Certification

The ACE certification is earned with a passing score on an online interactive exam.  You can take the test after attending a full two-day Conquering HUD Compliance Course, completing the self-paced course, or taking 16 Hours of eligible courses.

  • Option 1: Self-Paced Online Course. You can take our online 16 Hour Self-Paced Course on HUD Compliance with an integrated exam.
  • Option 2: Attend a live in-person or online Conquering HUD Compliance Course and take the ACE Exam online afterward.
  • Option 3: Take 16 Hours of our online webinars, and then you can take the ACE Exam Online.



Upcoming Events

Conquering HUD Compliance - Full Certification Course

This course is the entire ACE Certification Course and Exam in a self-paced online course. You will have 10 days to complete and earn the certificate online.

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Conquering HUD Compliance Essentials Online Course

Join Amanda on this introduction to HUD Compliance. This four-hour online course is self-paced and gets 4 CEUs for your ACE Certification

Learn More

Effective Household Eligibility Interviews

Live Webinar 1/25/23: Take Your Resident Interview Skills at HUD and LIHTC Properties to the Next Level. Earn Two Hours towards your ACE Certification.

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Income From A to Z-Determining Income

Webinar 2/8/23: Learn what types of household income must be included, how to calculate income, and earn three hours towards your ACE Certification.

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All About Assets: Determining Income from Assets

Webinar 3/9/23 – Learn what is included as a household asset and how to calculate income from assets, and earn three hours towards your ACE Certification.

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Expenses & Deductions – Determining Adjusted Income

Webinar 4/19/23: Learn how to determine a household’s allowable expenses and deductions accurately, and earn three hours towards your ACE Certification.

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Handling Gig Income & Techy Assets

Webinar 6/7/23: Learn how to calculate and verify gig income, crypto, and peer-to-peer payment apps, and earn two hours towards your ACE Certification.

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Determining Student Eligibility & Income

Webinar 7/6/23: Learn the student eligibility requirements for the four major affordable housing programs, and earn two hours towards your ACE Certification.

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Understanding Enterprise Income Verification (EIV)

Webinar 8/3/23: Learn the requirements related to using EIV, including when reports must be run and how to address discrepancies (1.5 Hours CEU)

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I have had the great pleasure of leading a couple of classes with Amanda Gross – trainer extraordinaire at US Housing Consultants. I feel like I’m the “old guard” watching over the “rising star”. Amanda’s classes are full of necessary information and she has a knack for delivering compliance content in such a way that you will never be bored. If you get a chance, be sure to join her for a LIHTC or HUD training.--- Mary Ross

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