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Managing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Properties Isn't Like Any Other Kind of Property Management - Learn the Fundamentals of LIHTC Compliance and Management

Are You Ready to Manage a Tax Credit Property? What You Need to Know on Day One

LIHTC Fundamentals for New Property Managers

Without Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) experience, even the most seasoned property management professionals can find themselves overwhelmed when taking on management of a LIHTC property. In this 2.5 Hour minute webinar, Amanda Lee Gross and Scott Precourt will outline the fundamentals for someone new to LIHTC Management.

If you are a new LIHTC manager, this will provide everything you need to know on day one on the job.

More Than Property Management

While the day to day includes much of the same thing as any other property – leasing units, collecting rent, and processing work orders, but at a Tax Credit property, managers need to ensure all households are eligible and the property’s investors are protected. There are many requirements that must be followed carefully, or the property can slip into costly non-compliance.  This includes requirements for the processing of applications, tenant eligibility, rent charges, and maintenance of the property, to name a few.

What New Hires Need to Know

This webinar will help anyone new to LIHTC compliance what they need to know and provide a useful refresher for experienced managers. Topics include:

  • An overview of how the LIHTC program works
  • Basic eligibility requirements (income & rent limits, student eligibility, lease requirements, annual certifications)
  • Physical Inspections Standard
  • Relationships with State Housing Agencies, Investors, and Syndicators

Getting to Know Affordable Housing Series

This webinar is being offered as part of our Getting to Know Affordable Housing Series of Online Training. These webinars offer an introduction to affordable housing management, compliance, and leadership requirements.  All of these webinars include:

  • Fundamentals that affordable housing professionals need to know on day one.
  • Clear and concise descriptions of HUD, LIHTC, USDA, and other program requirements.
  • Universal information about affordable housing programs, including what professionals need to know to succeed.
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At all of our compliance webinars, attendees will receive more just world-class training. You will also receive the best training materials in the industry and a lively and interactive training environment. This includes,
• A certificate of attendance
• Knowledge checks and polls, and an interactive presentation

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