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Learn everything you need to know about creating utility allowance for the LIHTC (Tax Credit) Housing Program with Amanda Gross

Join Amanda Lee Gross for a 90 Minute Webinar on working with Utility Allowances for the Tax Credit Housing Program

What makes LIHTC housing truly affordable?

It isn’t just the income limits that make Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) housing affordable, as income restrictions simply ensure that LIHTC housing is made available only to those that truly need affordable housing based on annual household income. The component that makes LIHTC housing truly affordable is the rent restrictions. Under the LIHTC program, owners must charge a gross rent that is at or below the maximum rent limit applicable to the LIHTC unit.
Gross rent in a standard LIHTC-only setting includes the following:

  • Tenant paid rent
  • Non-optional Fees
  • Utility Allowances

The Importance of Accurate Utility Allowances

Failing to use the correct utility allowance can cause the maximum rent for low-income units to be exceeded. In such situations, the owner must exclude these non-compliant units when claiming credits for the taxable year. In this 90-minute session, Amanda Lee Gross will delve deep into the utility allowance requirements applicable under the LIHTC program.

Utility Allowances for the Tax Credit Housing Program for Topics Include:

  • Utility Allowance Basics
  • Gross Rent Requirements
  • Overview of the Different UA Options
  • Deadlines and Notices
  • HUD & RD Regulated Buildings
  • Utilizing Public Housing Authority
  • Utility Allowance Schedule
  • When Use of PHA UA is required
  • Accessing PHA UA Schedule
  • Checking for Updates
  • When the use of PHA UA is prohibited
  • Utilizing Utility Company Estimate or Agency Estimate
  • Utilizing the HUD Utility Schedule
  • Model or Utilizing the Energy
  • Consumption Model
  • Submetering Requirements
  • Renewable Energy Sources
  • Updating Utility Allowances
  • Record Retention
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