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How COVID-19 Has Changed Income Certifications for HUD, USDA/RD, and LIHTC

The New Normal for Recertifications with Amanda Lee Gross

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, affordable housing programs have seen a multitude of changes. Families are receiving unemployment in numbers never before imagined, which means interim recertifications. How do you handle the income verification in such uncertain times – what is appropriate documentation? How does it change by funding program? There is no one better to break down the complex new requirements than Amanda Lee Gross.

In this informative webinar, Amanda will take you through the new requirements for recertifications during COVID-19, including how to update documentation when in-person appointments are safe again. Most importantly, this webinar will cover the vital steps to completing interim recertifications properly, so families can have their rent adjusted when they experience lay-offs or substantial decreases in income.

Complexities of Interim Recertifications

Due to the impact of COVID-19 on our economy, many tenants are laid off, furloughed, experienced reduced hours, or any number of other challenges.  It is critical to understand when Interim Recertifications are required, as well as the correct procedures and documentation to complete interims correctly.  Amanda will also cover the rules regarding how to provide residents with adequate notice prior to rent changes.

COVID-19 has definitely created some barriers in being able to complete household income certifications, but the pandemic has also made it important to conduct these certifications as so many tenants are out of work.

The Importance of Income Certifications

All of the major funding programs, including Multifamily HUD to USDA/RD, and LIHTC, use income certifications to determine initial and continued eligibility for the programs. HUD and RD also use the income to establish what rent the household can afford and how much subsidy the owner is eligible to receive. Accuracy on income certifications is paramount to remaining in compliance with each of these programs.

This webinar breaks down best practices and requirements for all of the major funding programs. This will include what to include when verifying income from wages as well as fixed income sources like social security.

In this two-hour session, Amanda Lee Gross will discuss:

  • Verification Requirements
  • Signature Requirements
  • LIHTC, HUD and RD COVID-19 Guidance to Date
  • Post-COVID-19 Tenant File Follow -Up
  • Confidentiality and Data Security
  • Practical Points to Cover in a COVID -19 Policy and Procedures for Conducting Income Certifications
  • Confidentiality and Data Security While Working from Home

COVID-19 Income Verification Rules

Don’t miss this informative two-hour webinar. Every attendee will receive:

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  • A Certificate with Two Hours of CEUs
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