Special Edition: REAC Industry Standard Repair Clarifications


HUD REAC Provides Clarification on Industry Standards Repair Requirements

On August 9, 2016, HUD REAC provides clarifiations to the industry on the requirements in HUD Notice 2016-03 Regarding Requirements for Repairs to be Completed within Industry standards. In this email to some in the industry, HUD provided a copy of a PowerPoint presentation that was used to train active REAC Inspectors on the new requirements.

We have posted the PowerPoint presentation here to view: 

Industry standards inspection guidance and application

Some of the highlights on this presentation include the following clarifications:

  • Caulking that is approved for exterior use is allowed for the repair of brickwork, such as ASTM approved caulking 
  • Repairs to refrigerator gaskets with tape that are less than one inch ARE permitted
  • PVC is allowed on gutters, so long as the PVC is painted to patch 
  • Plywood on drywall IS permitted, so long as the plywood on the wall is an access point to electrical or plumbing (we would recommend painting such plywood access panels to match the surrounding areas).
  • There are new specific details on what is expected on water heater or boiler flue and chimney installation and repair 

A General Requirement on Workmanlike Repairs

While these examples provide some needed insight into specific requirement clarifications, it is very important to remember that this new requirement is not simply "new deficiencies". The new requirement sets a standard that all parts of a property that are part of a REAC or UPCS inspection must be evaluated to determine (a) are there any deficienes under the UPCS Inspection Code and (b) are there any repairs done to the inspectable item that are outisde acceptable practices. In short, repairs to every inspectable item have to be done completely, professionally, and properly at all times. If any item is found to have been repaired outside of that standard, the inspectable item will be cited as if no repair had been done at all.

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