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§92.251 Property Standards

The changes to §92.251 reorganize the presentation of the property standards requirements and clarify and update the standards. The reor...

New REAC Compilation Bulletin Released

REAC released a change to the compilation bulletin that is effective May 1, 2011. This bulletin lists the rules governing how REAC Inspections are performed and interpretations to the UPCS Inspection protocol.

There are a number of changes in this publication,...

Medical Marijuana Reasonable Accommodations

A few of our clients have asked us whether managers may grant reasonable accommodations for users of medical marijuana. A memo from HUD Public and Indian Housing dated 1/20/11 states that PHA's and owners may not grant reasonable accommodations for medical mariju...

Call For Aid Cords Requirements - Is it a Required System for REAC?

A client of ours in Ohio called us about the repeated issues on REAC Inspections with the "Call for Aide Cords". We told our client that it wasn't a dramatic point loss, but they strive for perfection, and who can fault them for that?...

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