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Resolution to class-action suit to improve performance of a Connecticut Housing Authority 

A highrise family development in New London, Connecticut has been the center of a legal battle since 2006 due to the substandard living conditions present at the property. The Reardon law firm of New London started...

Handbook of Rules Regarding REAC Inspections Updated (8/22/2014)

On August 12, 2014, HUD REAC notified active REAC Inspectors of a change to the HUD REAC Compilation Bulletin, the document that outlines the rules and methods for conducting REAC inspections, such as when certain areas of the property are an...

The Fine Line Between Protecting Your Property and Being Judgmental

One of our inspectors recently asked for advice about a situation they encountered during an interchange between a resident and management. During our inspection, the manager told the tenant "Your housekeeping is unacceptable," which we o...

Rules Regarding Damage Caused by Wheelchairs

A refresher on an old rule about exceptions for routine wheelchair damage. There are a number of rules that are part of UPCS that have been in effect for so long that people sometimes forget they exist. This appears to be true with the rule that relates to

Rules Released on Using Pictures on HQS Inspections

On July 2, 2013, the Public and Indian Housing Office of HUD issued Notice PIH 2013-17 titled "

HUD Allows Re-Inspection of Certain Properties Inspected Using Version 2.3 Software

Recently HUD REAC began sending notices to owners and managers who were inspected in 2013 (since January 1, 2013) using th...

HOME Program Switch to UPCS Still Pending, but Agencies Already Preparing for the Change

HOME Program Implementation of UPCS Standards
Last year, a proposed rule was introduced that would change the inspection protocol for HOME program participants from HQS to UPCS. While this rule is...

REAC Changes to Scoring Model May Require Manual Adjustment After Inspection

As of January 1, 2013, a change to the REAC Inspection Code was made effective for all HUD properties. This change instituted a "Cap" on any single violation per-area, so regardless the building and unit sample size of a building,...

Updated Requirements on Excess Income Reporting for 236 Projects

Notice H 2012-2 was issued February 10, 2012 to the attention of MF Directors, CA and the like. The notice details the aggressive pursuit of delinquent Excess Income receivables. Owners and Management Agents need to sit up and take notice.

Updated Rule Affects REAC Inspections on Fire Panels & Call for Aide Systems

REAC released a change to the compilation bulletin that is effective May 1, 2011. This bulletin lists the rules governing how REAC Inspections are performed and interpretations to the UPCS Inspection protocol. There are a numb...

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