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REAC Score Changes Can Trigger Additional Monitoring

A few clients have called us recently and told us that even though they passed their REAC inspection (a score better than 60); their HUD Field Office contacted them and notified that they needed to conduct a 100% UPCS Inspection of their property and dev...

The "Emotional" REAC Appeal | When to Include Your Complaints

This week's installment is a bit fictitious; it is a combination of several true stories and excerpts from actual appeals, which we have combined into one story to illustrate a point without pointing out any specific mistakes from our clien...

REAC Rules on Painted Walls

Over the last two months, we have done a number of speaking engagements on REAC and keep getting the same question posed to us: When did REAC start requiring paint on walls? 

When is Paint on Walls Required for REAC?

The reason why people are being cited f...

REAC Appeals: Local Codes Can Change Your REAC Score

How to file a REAC Appeal using local building code to adjust your REAC Score

A client of ours in Chicago called our office recently and told us that a local code in Chicago requires that child safety locks be installed on all 2nd story windows...

REAC Inspection Scheduling Rules

Mutually Agreed Upon Dates

A client of ours in the Midwest called our office recently and complained that their REAC Inspection "always takes places in March or April when the ground is all soggy and we lose a ton of points for site issues". We suggested that they...

LIHTC Compliance: Using Bank Statements to Research Unreported Income

Bank Statements... Not Just Asset Verification

One of our Move In Approval clients in the Midwest recently forwarded us a TIC package for review at move in, thinking that the review would be routine, The property provides ...

REAC Appeals: Using Weather Condition to Adjust Your Score

A client of ours in the Southwest recently came to us with a score of 34c on their REAC Inspection. They were understandably upset, as they had just spent over $40,000 on repairs and still received a failing score.

We reviewed their report ...

The Score Newsletter

Tips and Advice for the Affordable Housing Industry

The Score is a periodic publication from US Housing Consultants providing information, tips and advice on housing management, REAC, LIHTC and other insp...

New REAC Inspection Photo Requirement

Near the end of last year, an update to HUD REAC's software, RAPID, was released that provided the ability to capture photographs as part of your REAC Inspection. REAC Inspectors will be performing inspections this year using this new capability, specifically recording...

Issue 59: Updated HUD Passbook Rate Interest Rate Applied to Assets Updated On October 31, 2014 

HUD published a notice regarding a change to the rate of the "Passbook Rate" used all programs covered under the HUD 4350.3, as well as the the LIHTC programs. The passbook rate for the HOME program is determi...

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