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Skilled Nursing REAC Rules Change

Below is the official HUD email regarding this announcement: "This email pertains to REAC Physical Inspections and the Final Rule that was published recently. Please pass this email to anybody within your organ...

UPCS Inspection Code Changes - Ponding

On August 9, 2012, a new scoring notice was released by HUD REAC; these changes are technically effective as of September 17, 2012, for Public Housing. As of 2013, the new inspection code will be in effect for both Public Housing and Multifamily HUD. This article is t...

REAC Compilation Bulletin 2.2

New Handbook With Rule Changes Effective 8/6/12

Recently HUD REAC released changes to the inspector's guidebook, the REAC Compilation Bulletin Version 2.2. The changes in this update are fewer than in the past, but the updates do address a number of issues that have ...

PHAS Changes Eliminate Requirement for 100% Unit Inspections

Section 6(f)(3) of the United States Housing Act of 1937 requires that PHAs inspect each public housing project annually to ensure that the project's units are maintained in accordance with the housing quality standards in 24 CFR part 5. HUD impl...

HUD to Launch New Online Training Program about REAC Inspections

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is preparing to launch a new online training option for its Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC) 3-day inspection training program, not for inspection certification, but for property ...

Using An In-House REAC Expert?

Over the last year, we have been introduced to a number of companies who have developed their own in-house "REAC Expert". We have looked at this over the last year and seen what works well for companies and what is not working or is very risky. Here are a few tips that we hav...

Videotaping REAC Inspectors and Other Bad Ideas

We have received a number of questions lately about the recommendations of other REAC Consulting firms to "follow REAC Inspectors with a video camera". This is apparently recommended in the desire to have a better result during an inspection, but in our opini...

Hazardous Conditions Not Defined Elsewhere

We have received many questions this year from clients about various issues that fit into a category known as "Other Hazards". This is a category that is defined as a "Hazardous Condition not defined Elsewhere". These issues are items that are observed during an i...

REAC Inspectors and Conflicts of Interest

Lately we have been receiving calls from clients who have run into the worst sort of problems with REAC Inspectors, and unfortunately, there aren't many good resolutions to these problems. The problems have all been related to REAC Inspectors who have decided to be...

REAC Clarification on Fire Safety Systems

Included in the May 1, 2011, Compilation Bulletin # 2 were a few clarifications on fire safety systems, and these clarifications provide some needed detail on areas that can be the difference between passing and failing an inspection. The compilation bulletin can b...

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